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Hey, folks. Glenn May here at BassResource. com. And if you’ve watched my videos for a while
now, you know that I don’t like to have one-trickpony tackle in my boat. Now, what I mean by that, the thing is say,
for example, O-rings for wacky rigging orspecialty jig hooks, things like that that
just take up space. Certain specialty weights, specialty type
of tackle that you can only use when you’redoing a certain kind of fishing, for the most
part, I don’t like. I like versatility. I like to make things work for a variety of
things, for me. That way it’s more useful and I’m not carrying
a whole bunch of stuff in the boat. So, what I want to talk to you a little bit
about is what I used to have for two baits,this right here. What I used to do. . . there’s a type of slider
weight that you can get, that weight thatyou put inside of this that gives it an internal
weight. The problem is that it’s a specialty weight. You only got one use for it and it takes up
weight and space in my tackle box. Well, one day, I was putting them away, and
my wife saw this and I’m not gonna say she’sthe originator of this idea but it’s a brilliant
idea. But she was looking at the drop shot weight,
that’s one of these right here, a little dropshot weight. She was looking at that and said, “You know
what?I think I got an idea. Why don’t we put that on the inside of the
tube?”Well, I thought about it and this is what
we came up with. So, I got a. . . This is a hook. This is a high-performance hook. This has got a wire clip on here that holds
the bait in place. I got a link to it in the bottom of the description
so you know what this is. Well, what you wanna do is there’s a little
opening in here and you want that hook togo right through. Well, the problem when you first get these
out of the package is it’s hard to get themto get in there, it’s very tight. So, once you get them in there what you first
wanna do is pull them apart. I’m literally pulling like that. Now, when you do that the hole. . . it’s hard
to tell but it’s a little bit bigger. A little bit bigger and that’s all you need. Now, the hook can go in here really easy. See, I’m not forcing it. Now, it just slides right in, okay?That’s what you needed to do. Pull it apart more if you need to but that
opens it up just a little bit. Now, what I do is I take a little bit of scent
here, it’s a gel scent. I just put a little bit on just for good measure,
just a little bit on there. What that does is this gives a little bit
of lubrication. That way I can fit it in here a lot easier. I just smeared on the inside of this tube
just like this and I flip it around. So, I’ve got. . . this is the wire part first
and put that in here and now that lubricationmakes it really easy. I just stick it all the way up. Now, it’s at the very end of it. Now, you need to thread the hook through that
hole that we made. Hole is right here. First thing you wanna look at is how is this
gonna sit on a bait. It’s gonna sit like this. Notice the shank, the angle of the shank. Your hook point has got to go in at that angle. That’s critical to making this work right,
which is perfect because when you bring yourhook pointed like that, it goes right into
that wire right there. I just felt that. I don’t know if you heard a little click
when it went in, but…and you bring it through,flip it around here. Now, you’ve got this little wire, bring it
up past the wire just like so. It’s a tight fit sometimes. There you go. And then you just clap the wire right on the
shank of the hook. There just like that. See, it holds it in place now. Now, you just need the hook to go right in
and lay flat on the top just like so. Now, you got yourself a weightless tube bait
with an internal weight. Now, why do you wanna do that?Why is that important?Well, if you’ve done the other ways of rigging
them with a jig, with an exposed hook, witha weight in the front or a say, for example,
a bullet sinker, the problem with that isthey tend to get hung up, especially in rocks,
or wedge into rocks, they’ll wedge intothe crooks of branches, weeds, in the little
V-part of lily pads. They’ll get hung up all the time. When you’ve got a rig like this, now you’ve
got yourself an all-terrain four-wheel drivevehicle of tube base. You can literally throw this anywhere and
almost every time it’s gonna come back out. What that means is that now you can go in
where the bass are hiding and dig them out. You can throw it into thicker cover, into
thicker bush, go in where the big fish are,get more bites, you’re gonna catch more fish
and you’re gonna be more successful with tubebaits. I hope that helps. For more tips and tricks like this is, visit
BassResource. com.

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