Trapped in a Lightning Storm / The Snake Song

Beached by a lightning storm whike kayaking with my cousin on the Edisto river.

We moored our kayaks onto a limestone escarpment ‘beach’ and settled
in to wait out the lightning storm that fell on us seemingly out of an
empty sky. We crouched as inconspicuously as possible so as to not
draw lightning down to our position. There was a mangrove-ish system
of pine and oak roots at our backs as we faced the river.

There were no homes on this section of the river for quite some ways,
and we had only just left the mouth of the 4 hole swamp.

The mind works against you in a situation like this. One can be
forgiven (when watching this video at home, of course) for snickering
a little at what we were thinking, but the mind does strange things
when you are actually there.

We watched the river level rise in front of us under the weight of
twisting rain sheets. We were not far at all from the 4 hole swamp and
it’s high density of overfed alligators. It gets much worse, much
quicker at the end of the video (it’s worth waiting out the whole video).

This this may seem laughable now, as you watch in safety and
comfort.Try to suspend disbelief for a moment and actually put yourself there with
us, imagining what you would be thinking. For us, the images were of
swamp creatures, big and little.

As the rain churned the water before us, we could almost see reptilian tails swirling in a hungry orbit mere feet off the river’s edge – waiting for our beach to submerge under
the rising water, leveling out the predator’s playground.

We could almost feel the water moccassins brush our backs as they
slithered out of their warm root nests behind us towards open water.

Our imaginations were in hyperdrive.

I tried to convey the idea of those flashing images in this video, and I
hope I was successful.

The weak quality of the audio here does no justice to the terrifying
gut thump of the thunder; how it pounds the air with it’s bass and how
it travels like an fat oxcart loudly down the riverbanks, or how long
it sustains the rip in the air after the lightning flash burns out.
I’ve never seen or heard anything like it in any other place I’ve ever

I hope this video gives you a nice distraction from your day, if only for a little while. Feel free to comment either way.

‘Snake Song’ by Townes Van Zandt. Arranged/recorded by Beau Boivin using Protools LE v.7.3

Produced with CyberLink PowerDirector


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