Urban Smallmouth Bass & How NOT To Organize Your Car — VLOG

Yea, yea, I hear you…the vlogs are pretty Neistat-y. But I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Let your idols and role models influence your work and build upon that with your own personal style.. Anyway all that aside, here’s a quick little vlog for you guys. I didn’t really plan on making a video from this day but I had some solid clips compiled and decided why not! If you’re interested as to how these fish were biting and how I caught them I’ll leave the saucy dets below. Thanks for watching! Keep fishing, never stop.

Song: Possible — Artist: Montell2099

Rod: Cousin’s Tackle Raze 6′ 9″ Med —
Reel: Aldebaran 50 6.2:1
Line: 12# Seaguar Invizx
Lure: Megabass Vision 110/Perch

Major details:
-Strong current
-Fish were sitting in the eddies (slack water)
-Fish were not eating jerkbait whole, only swiping
-Est. water temp was 57-60
-Bite seemed to pick up as the sun went down
-Water clarity was 1ft or less visibility
-Average depth was 1-2ft (very shallow)

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This video was filmed with…
Canon 70D w/ 10-18mm Lens

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-Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015


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