USA BASSIN Regionals at Pomme de Terre lake, October 21st Randy Yancey

My partner Alan Yancey (my brother) and I decided to fish the USA Bassin Regional tournament at Pomme de Terre this weekend (October 21st). We pre fished a little Friday afternoon (noon to 530) and caught only 7 fish. Totals 5 Keepers, but nothing over 2 lbs, a dink 6 incher and a 22 inch 4-5 pound walleye. (it was ‘lucky’, as we already had supper plans so released it. lol)

It was windy, and a high sky pre frontal day as Saturday’s weather was predicted to be cooler, with mostly high skies and wind. Water clarity from 1.5 to 2.0 feet, and the lake was down about a foot since I last fished it in September.

We started the day fishing main lake points, and had 3 smallish keepers in the box by 7:45 am. So, we left the Decker arm area, and headed southwest down the west arm of the lake, thinking we’d go way south of Lightfoot ramp, where I’d caught a decent 2 lbr the day before. We continued to fish the only ‘pattern’ we found which produced fish, fishing main and secondary wind blown points, especially the ‘down wind’ sides.!

final score, Randy 3 keepers, probably 4.5 lbs of the 7.60 total. Alan, had 3 keepers also! Only 2 non-keepers caught total. I did catch our biggest fish, within 20 minutes of weigh in. A 2.37 lb long but skinny largemouth caught on a an old favorite lure of mine. a 3/8 oz, chart/white lipless crankbait I bought for 2.77 at the BPS outlet store in Springfield, Caught many 3,4,5+ pound largemouth on this lure but had quit throwing it back in 2016. I told Alan, when I tied it on at about 2:30 pm, that I’d never failed to catch a keeper on this, so I might as well throw it. Wham, third cast, and that last and biggest keeper was in the boat. Pulled up trolling motor and got back to Hermitage ramp at 253 pm.

Out of 28 boats there were 3 boats that blanked, 4 boats with 1 fish totals, 2 had 2-3 fish and we were one of about 15 teams that weighed in a limit.
Finished 18th with 7.60 lbs but 1 2.4 lb additional fish would have landed us in 3rd over-all. So, 19 of top 20 boats caught between 7 and 9.9 lbs. As a whole, lots of limits but most were very small fish for fall fishing on Pomme de Terre lake.

Come fish with us at Table Rock lake in our USA Bassin Table Rock Fall Division that I’m the director for. Begins November 11th.and continues almost every weekend, with the last one at Cape Fair, on December 16th!
Go to this link to check out details of the ‘Table Rock Fall division of USA Bassin National Tournament Trail!


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