USA Bassin Tourney at Pomme de Terre, Why 3rd Turned to 5th!

USA Bassin Tourney, R Yancey n A Yancey, Pomme de Terre, 6 17 17.
Had a great day of tournament bass fishing at the USA Bassin divisional bass final at Pomme de Terre lake last Saturday, June 17, 2017.
Fished with my brother Alan Yancey and we caught almost 3 limits. It was nice to cull almost 2 limits of bass.

Here’s the ‘blow by blow’!

First hour, stayed down by the ramp near the damn. Raining and decided to not run down the lake and get soaked.

7:15 am: Arrived at the first main lake point where I’d caught 2 keepers the afternoon before. Skies still overcast, almost no wind, shad schools by the dozens all over the mouth of the creek branch we were fishing. Pulled straight in up the point, casting a Norman Deep Lil N crankbait, Norman Crankbaits here. (This was the only color they’d bite on, ).

My third long cast to center of the secondary point right of the main west lake point and wham! Nice 2.5 lb Kentucky bass slams my crankbait about half way back to the boat. One keeper 7:18 am., 2.2 lbs in the box.

Worked the cove to about halfway back, Alan still throwing buzzbait me throwing the crank bait. I switched over to a shallow diving square bill, this one in this color was what they wanted almost all day long! (Go here for the crankbait I caught 8 of my 10 keepers on, )
Threw ‘across’ the point to the down current side of the point and ‘wham’ second keeper in less than 20 minutes!

7:35 am: Two keepers in the box, 4.3 lbs., both Kentucky bass!

Worked down the point on the west side of the creek arm, and Alan hooks a 13.5″ largemouth, as he’d switched to a crankbait finally.

Fished another 100 yards or so down the point, I caught a 14.5 small keeper, 4 keepers in the box before 8 am! Almost 8 lbs of keepers caught in just 45 minutes since pulling up on the first point.

The shad were all over the top of the creek, thousands of them seemed like. Alan noticed some shad flipping towards the deeper side of the boat. He hurled a red eyed shad( our 5th keeper smacked it hard. Another near 2 lb largemouth in the box.(10 lbs, 8:30 am)

Weather stayed overcast and cooler and by the time we hit the 3rd spot, a secondary point with a dock sitting on the edge of the channel bend it was 10:30 and Alan had pulled in a 2.99 pounder, a few minutes before. We worked the shallow side of the dock, nothing. After moving around to the deeper side, I threw parallel to the dock, almost to the bank, and wham,a big hit and my 5th keeper, a nice 2.45 lb largemouth, and had 6 keepers still in the boat, the smallest was a near 15 inch largemouth. All fish we caught on the same ‘west’ side of this long creek arm mid lake, Pomme de Terre

10:55 am: Right at 12 lbs. in the boat, best 5 fish.
Now it was time to catch a couple ‘kicker fish’ in the 3-5 lb range to cull up! We motored across the creek to the east side to a couple good looking wind blown points. We spent the next hour and didn’t catch a thing.

We decided to go back to the west bank but start way in the back, by some docks where I’d caught to small keepers the afternoon before. After motoring back, and fishing the most secluded docks with no results, we pulled up to a large deep dock.

I changed to a sour grape color crankbait and pulled in an almost 3 lb largemouth.

Because a couple of the fish we’d caught earlier were beginning to look stressed in the live-well, we decided to keep all the rest of the keepers, in the boat, in case the fish didn’t all make it back alive to weigh in. USA Bassin has a ‘dead fish penalty’ of 1/2 pound per dead fish!

We had about 30 minutes of fishing time left, so we fished out of the creek arm, hitting all the docks on the way out. Alan caught a near 2 lb Kentucky on a crankbait I’d given him an hour or so before. I kidded him about his ‘stuborness’ in not throwing crank baits for the first 2 hours. I ended up with 10 keepers and 4 shorts for the day.

Got back to weigh in and I notice we were taking on water and that the live-well inlet hose had popped off on the way back in. So, I ran the bilge pump, and send my brother up to get a weigh-in bag, as I began to try and pick out the best 5 live fish. In the rush of filling the bag, we ended up missing a 2 and 3/4 pound largemouth stuffed back under the ‘long’ live-well, and keeping a ‘dead’ 2 lbr as our 5th fish instead. Ended up with 1 lb penalty with 11.73 pounds which was good for 5th. Had we kept the right 5 fish, we’d have had 13.73 lbs, and would have finished 3rd and cashed a decent check.

But after having caught 19-20 fish, 14 which were 15 inchers or bigger, it was hard for either one of us to be anything but pleased with our fishing day at USA Bassin divisional finals at Pomme de Terre! Go fishing! Get out there and try to find some fish to catch.

And, don’t forget the crankbaits during these hot muggy days!

Be safe and God Bless! Randy Yancey, bass anger


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