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Glenn: Hey folks, Glenn May here at BassResource. com,
and welcome to another edition of Hank Parker’sFishing Tips, where Hank answers your questions. And this one this week comes from Jeff Schick
from St. Cloud, Minnesota, and he says, “I’dlike to know what is generally the first bait
you throw when you first hit the water toget an idea of the fish’s mood. Hank: Jeff Schick. Glenn: Jeff, yep, Schick. Hank: The first thing that I always do, Jeff,
is I ask myself the question, “What lure doI have that would most thoroughly fish the
cover?”I’m looking for the bait, I’m looking for
cover, and no matter where I’ve been, thatis always the case. Fish look for food and cover in that order. So once I’ve found the food, and usually the
birds are gonna show me where the food’s at,the birds are gonna show you right where the
bait fish are. So I go to an area in the lake, I follow the
birds, I find the bait, then I ask myselfthe question, “What lure do I have that would
most thoroughly fish this cover where thisbait is?”And I choose a bait accordingly. Glenn: Great answer. Thanks so much, Hank. Jeff, I hope that answers your question. But for more tips and tricks, head on over
to hankparker. com and check out all the tipsand tricks and articles you’ll find there. And if you wanna be notified the next time
we post some of Hank’s tips, just subscribeto our YouTube channel. Thanks again for submitting that question
and have a great day.

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