When to use flat sided crankbaits

Nowadays you have a lot of different crankbait
choices. You can throw round-bodied baits,wood baits, square bills, deep bills, and
they’re all designed for certain scenarios. I really like a flat-sided crankbait for tough
conditions. Right now I’m throwing the KVD1. 5 Flat. It’s a deep diving flat-sided bait
with a small profile. We really designed thisbait so its got really good cast-ability to
it, but it still has those flat sides. Again,where that really comes in handy is on tough
conditions. You can see it’s high bright skiesright now, there’s really almost no wind,
cold-water situations, fishing pressure. WhenI got an area that’s got a lot of fish in
it and I can’t get them to bite that whenyou want to throw this bait right here. That’s
a good fish if it’s a bass. He come off! Thatwas a pretty big one right there. Anyways,
when it’s tough like that say I fish throughan area and I’ve thrown a regular crankbait
and caught some fish; I’ll go back throughit. It’s got no rattle to it and it’s just
a tremendous fish catcher on a tough bite. It’s got a nice action to it, its not real
wide, its not super super tight, and it’sjust a really good fish catcher. Just like
that, I mean that fish I had right there didn’treally want to bite it just reacted to that
bait and that’s what flat sides are reallygood about, they make fish react. I’m going
to crank lay downs, rocky banks, boat docks,all those things that are holding fish. When
the bite is a little tougher this is goingto get you some of those key bites.

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