Whole Grilled Bass Fish Recipe | Cooking on the Weber Q Grill | Camping Food

Hi I’m Blaine with BBQGuys. com, and today
we are going to catch some fish and grillthem up on the Weber Q. Got a nice mud cat here, they are fun to catch,
but the fish I like best on the grill areBrim and Bass. I’ll throw this one in the ice chest. Now that we have a few fish for the grill,
i’ll see what I can catch on cut bait. This right here is one of my favorite fish
to catch for sport, this is a Bowfin, or asit is called locally, a Choupique. These fish can breath in the water or on land. They bite down like a bear trap, so make sure
to be careful when handling them. Now this one is a fighter!It looks to be around 25 inches long, this
is a really nice fish!Now that we got some fish, let’s fire up
the grill!Since I’m grilling the brim and bass whole,
I’ll start by scaling them. If you don’t have a fish scaler, a spoon
like I’m using today works just fine. Just work your way from the tail to the head
of the fish, and give them a dunk in somewater to clean them up. Now since the brim are small, it’s best
to remove the head to make gutting them easier. For the bass, make a small incision under
the gills, then make a cut down the belly& remove the guts. Now for the stuffing, I’ll slice some fresh
lime and lemon. Leaving the lemon and lime peel on will let
all those flavorful oils infuse in the fishwhile they grill. For a spicy kick, I’ll slice some jalapenos
to throw in the mix as well. Next, I’ll make some compound butter, starting
with a few cloves of chopped garlic… andsome chopped parsley for a fresh kick. I’ll throw in about half of the bunch. Now just dice up some room temperature butter,
and add it to the mix. Season to taste with your favorite creole
seasoning blend… and mix everything to incorporate. I want all of these flavors to infuse into
the fish from the outside too, so I’ll scorethe outside of the fish too before coating
with the compound butter. Coat the cavity of the fish with some compound
butter, and stuff it with the sliced lemon,jalapeno & limes. Coat the outside of your fish with a generous
amount of the compound butter & it’s timeto hit the grill. I have my Weber Q preheated for medium high
heat, and I seasoned the cooking grids withsome coconut oil to keep the fish from sticking. Alright, I’ll let the fish grill with the
lid closed for about 3 minutes, then the brimshould be ready to flip a couple minutes before
the bass. These are grilling up nice, I’ll go ahead
and flip the bass… beautiful!After about 5 minutes on the second side,
it’s time to get these guys off the grill. There is nothing better than fresh fish on
the grill, and remember… at BBQGuys. com. . we smoke. . the competition!

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