Wide Open Spotted Bass – BASS BOOT CAMP ep. 2

Double hard drive failures, blown out trailer hubs, crashed drone, and jumper cables…what else could go wrong?! Well, Bass Boot Camp recruit John Zeolla has had his fair share of less than ideal events transpire since kicking off his adventure. Amidst all the chaos, John has made it back home from Lake Norman and took some time to regroup at Central California’s Lake Nacimiento. Naci has had a resurgence this season and the Spotted Bass fishing has been on fire. In this video, John hops aboard Austin Bonjour’s rig and the boys breakdown the bite and end up with one of their best trips in recent years. Stay tuned for more this season as John picks up the pieces from a less than ideal start and carries on his Bass Boot Camp mission.

John Zeolla was selected as the winner of AFTCO’s Bass Camp. AFTCO is paying for John’s B.A.S.S open fee’s and expenses as he documents his journey in the 2018 season. Learn more about our Bass Boot Camp, check out the Bass Boot Camp YouTube series and make sure you follow @aftcofreshwater on Instagram.

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