Will this record ever be broken?! INSANE fishing day.. MLF Stage 7 Missouri

Hello, this is Randy with Largemouth Bass Nation dot com! I decided to post this on some of our websites in order to bring some notoriety to Table Rock Lake in Southwest Missouri!

I was fishing Table Rock on the second to last day of Stage 7 of last year’s MLF tourney.

I had just fished up to a point near Mill Creek when here comes a pro boat (was Jacob Wheelers) so I gave way and went deeper as the pro came underneath me fishing the opposite direction!

Jacob waved and continued down the bank.

He was slinging a white buzz bait and casting once every few seconds like a machine. I pulled out a little deeper and just sat there and watched to see how he did on the same bank I had just fished and caught a 16″ largemouth on a bluegill crankbait (DT6) which I think he’s a pro for Rapala too. He made it about 2/3rds the way around the cove and I saw him bring in a little keeper from about the same place I caught the 2 pounder! He went around the point and I continued down the bank where he’d just came from.

I’d also seen several of the pros boats at Mill Creek ramp the day before, they were pre-fishing out of there!

This should prove to the people who decide where to fish these tournaments that they’re missing a bet if they don’t at least have 1 or 2 big pro tournaments here. Share this to as many of your fishing buddies so that we can begin to get some of the bigger tournaments here in southwest Missouri where we have a tremendous amount of bass fishing waters!

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Record-breaking day 1 of stage seven of the Bass Pro Tour!

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