Wry Crips: Disabled Women's Reader's Theater Part 3

‘We Are Fearless’

Sarah Watson leads in a chant: “We Are Women”;
Vanessa Castro presents her poem, “Summer is Coming”

Spring 2011: A New Beginning

Original co-founder of Wry Crips, Patty Overland, thought about re-starting the disabled women’s reader’s theater group that had not been active in over 10 years.

In early spring of 2011 she connected with an able-bodied ally and they advertised a series of open meetings to connect with other disabled women writers who might be interested in forming a group. The goal was to create enough material from all members and put on a performance. After three months of meetings that lead into rehearsals, WE ARE FEARLESS was born as a show.

WRY CRIPS exists to nurture the neglected dreams & talents of disabled women. We are open to all disabled women who want the opportunity to work & learn with other disabled women.

Founded in 1985 by Patty Overland, Judy Smith and Dr.Laura Rifkin, Wry Crips’ first performance was in March, 1986 and was attended by over 200 enthusiastic women.

Patty hopes to encourage more disabled women to start reader’s theater groups and keep growing stronger and sharing their stories in person and online.



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