YOU CAN WIN Fishing Tournaments – BIG BASS Secrets

Ready to win some bass fishing tournaments? It’s time to apply Bassmaster Elite Series angler James Elam’s “1-2 Punch” for successfully fishing and winning bass fishing tournaments.

So, what is a “1-2 Punch” in bass fishing? It can mean fishing for bass 2 different ways the same day, other times, it means fishing for 2 different species of bass. Sometimes, it’s fishing for spotted bass when the weather is foul, or targeting smallmouth when the weather is sunny, or casting a frog for big largemouth in bays toward the end of the day. The big question from most anglers is, “how to big bass?” and “How to win fishing tournaments?”. This video will help you learn how to do both, particularly in identifying seasonal patterns and exploiting behaviors of different bass species.

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