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Glenn: Hey, folks Glenn May here with BassResouce. com
and I’m here at the Bass Master Classic withFLW pro, Justin Kerr. We’re looking at the brand-new Z-Man ChatterBait. It’s called the Jack Hammer. Justin, tell us a little bit about this. Justin: Yeah, Bret finally got together with
Z-Man and Evergreen and we made a awesomechatterbait. You know, he was real particular on design
and we got an awesome flipping hook involvedwith it. It’s a heavy-duty Gamakatsu hook. It has a double keeper, if you can see that,
which holds your bait on great. And one of my little things that I like that
they did is always put their size of the baiton the belly, which. . . you know how you’re
always fumbling through your boxes and youalways can’t find the exact size. Well, now you can just exactly look, see it’s
a 3/8ths or a half-ounce, and pick it up,and go. Glenn: That’s really smart. I do exactly the same thing, I’m throwing
it and I’m telling my friends, “Yeah, I gothim on the bait,” and they’re like, “What
size?””This one!”That’s great that is has it on, so you can
organize it a lot better. What are the different colors they have it
in?Justin: There’s like 10 different colors. There’s a bunch of shad colors and then he
has his famous BeeHide Delight, which is hisbluegill standard color that he loves, has
some chartreuse and green pumpkin. You know, all the skirts are hand-tied, so
the skirt will not fall down, it’s hand-tied. And that’s, you know, if your fish jigs or
just chatterbaits, you’re always having tohand-tie is always better than sliding the
skirt up there as it falls down a lot. Glenn: Now, the cool thing about this, in
addition to that, is there’s a lot of differentways you can fish it, right?So tell me some of the unique ways that you
fish it. Justin: Yeah, you know, having the heavier
chatterbait, you know, I’ll put a, you know,a half-ounce chatterbait on a 12 or 14-pound
pound line. And out West, we like to fish on the bottom
a lot so, you know, having that and havingthe design of the head, if you can see, it’s
kind of weighted down a little bit towardsthe bottom so it keeps it down a little bit
more, and you know, you can fish it on thebottom and rip it through grass. And you know, the 3/8ths, you can put it on
20-pound and burn it, and it won’t roll andit won’t come over. So there’s a lot of different ways that you
can fish this bait and it was designed bysomeone that really knows what they’re doing,
so it’s going to be a good bait. Glenn: Now, where can I find this and how
much would it be?Justin: Tackle Warehouse has an exclusive
on it right now with Dick’s Sporting Goods. Here at the Classic, Dick’s Sporting Good
is selling them and Tackle Warehouse, youcan go and find them on Tackle Warehouse. The sale started on Friday. So, we’re looking forward to making some good
progress with the bait. Glenn: Doesn’t it run like around $15, $16,
something like that?Justin: Yeah, they sometimes have specials,
but I believe it’s retailing for $15. 99. Glenn: Very good. Thank you so much, Justin, definitely appreciate
it. You guys gotta check out this new bait.

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