Side Fizzing a Bass That’s Floating in Your Livewell!

Side Fizzing a Bass That’s Floating in Your Livewell!

Well, it’s that time of year again! (Thank goodness)

Many of you are tournament bass fishermen and may already know how to ‘fizz’ your fish! This posting is for those of you that may not!

With more and more bass fishing tournaments across the nation, this is good info to copy and place in your boat along with a hypodermic needle. Just copy the content below, and you’ll have it when you need it at your next tournament. Remember, this can be done during the day, on you boat, right from your livewell! in that way, you should never suffer a ‘dead’ fish penalty, which may cost you a ‘check’! (See Link below for complete article)

Side Fizzing a Bass

1. Grasp fish by the lower jaw or around the head region, and position fish so its side is facing up and at the water surface.

2. Position the pectoral fin flat against the body in a natural relaxed position pointing toward the tail.

3. Identify needle insertion location, which is two to three scales behind the tip of the pectoral fin.

4. Orient the beveled side of the 16-gauge, 1½-inch needle facing up. At about a 10- to 20-degree angle, slide needle tip under trailing edge of a scale toward the fish’s head.

5. Submerge fish and needle, raise the needle to a 60- to 90-degree angle, and insert needle until air bubbles exit the needle base.

6. Vent small fish (less than 3 pounds) for three to five seconds and larger fish for five to eight seconds.

7. Remove the needle and observe the fish. If the fish cannot resubmerge, vent additional gas from the fish’s air bladder as described above.

8. If bubbles don’t exit the needle, check for blockage by blowing through the needle. If blockage persists, clear debris from needle using a syringe.

Here’s the original article link, to read the whole thing!!


Scientists test cures for overinflated bass.

One more thing: the average catch-and-release angler needn’t worry about fizzing bass. A fish that’s released quickly will have enough energy to fight the buoyancy and go back under. If it swims down to the approximate depth where it was caught, the air bladder will deflate and symptoms will go away.

A bass that’s held in a livewell, awaiting weigh-in at a tournament, struggles to stay submerged. “After about 10 minutes,” Myers says, “it gets exhausted and rolls upside down.”

Nobody wants to see schools of bass floating belly up at the release site of a fishing tournament. It gives tournaments a bad name. And while they’re struggling at the surface, bass run a greater-than-usual risk of being run over by boats or eaten by predators. If a needle in the air bladder can help them get home sooner, it’s better all around.

Good luck this year and here’s a link to the USA Bassin ‘Table Rock North’ division tourneys now scheduled through April on North Table Rock lake!

Randy Yancey-Tournament Bass Angler and Tournament Director/Host!

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Almost 8 Pound Largemouth Catching, Weighing and Releasing, Topwater Spook footage


Almost 8 Pound Largemouth Catching, Weighing and Releasing, Caught on Topwater Zara Spook.
Videos Catching Largemouth Bass with ‘Largemouth Bass Nations’ Randy Yancey! On Pomme de Terre Lake Missouri! Most of our Videos feature Largemouth Bass Caught on the lakes of Southwest Missouri!


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Spring Bass Fishing w/ MAGNUM LIZARDS (BIG BASS!!!)

Is there a BETTER spring bass fishing lure than a LIZARD???

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Six Degrees Of Graduation

To graduate, Will must pass a music appreciation class, with several precocious young children as his classmates.


Popper Fishing Tips With LakeForkGuy!

The Lunkerhunt Kraken:
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Topwater fishing is already one of the most fun ways to catch a bass, but throwing a popper can take it to the next level. These little baits cause a ruckus on the surface, perfect for throwing in clear calm water. The Lunkerhunt Kraken is one of the best poppers on the market, with an evenly weighted belly to swim true while you easily pop it along the surface. Justin breaks down all the ins and outs of your popper fishing arsenal.

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My Complete GoPro Setup ~ Bass Fishing and Much More!

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Little Boy Catches Big Bass (First Bass takes all his Strength)

7 year old horses in his first bass and it takes all he has to get it in. Definitely Pure Joy for this little man. Great moment in a child’s memory of catching his first big fish. If you like videos of fishing adult and children Subscribe and enjoy.

Please watch: “3 Most Used Fishing Knots With MFC’s Chris Taylor”



Bass Moving Shallow? No Problem With These Baits!

The Bass flood into the shallows every Spring to feed and spawn. With the shallow water comes a whole new set of problems. Shallow snags, finicky bass, vegetation, and thick cover can all make it difficult to catch Bass in Spring. Instead of fighting it, embrace the shallow water this year!
These baits make it easy to fish shallow! We use a 2-part system, combining power and finesse to coax bass into biting. When one doesn’t work, the other certainly will. Throw in a couple really unique baits and fall rates and you’ve got a sure system that will produce bites throughout the coming months!

The Spinnerbaits…
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The Crankbaits…
River2Sea Biggie:
6th Sense Crush 50:
Lucky Craft 1.5:
Rapala BX Brat:

5″ Senko (Wacky Rigged):
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Yamamoto Fat Ika:
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9lb 2 oz toad on cedar creek lake tx !!!!

Yum baits


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My Biggest Largemouth Bass of the Year – Caught in Muddy Water

I catch my biggest largemouth bass of the year. I caught him in a small lake with muddy water.

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Fish Clips – New River Largemouth Bass w/Missile Baits

Catching largemouth bass on the New River in VA using the D Bomb from Missile Baits.